Quiz: Is Your Nest Malfunctioning or is Your Brentwood Mansion Haunted?

As Published by Points in Case

For every “Yes” answer, add one point to your total

  1. Does your Nest Hello™ doorbell ring even though your ivy-covered entryway is vacant?
  2. Do you wake suddenly on your Duxiana mattress to unexpected temperature changes by your Nest Learning Thermostat™?
  3. Do you feel like you’re being watched, even when your vestibule Nest Cam IQ™ is powered off?
  4. Does your Nest Guard™ Motion Sensor alert you to unusual shadows on your sunshine-flooded veranda?
  5. Does your Next x Yale Lock™ randomly unlock your arcadia doors, causing them to slide open?
  6. Does your cedar paneled wall emit a strange blue light, though your Nest Thermostat E™ isn’t updating?
  7. Do you smell smoke despite having a Nest Protect™ Smoke Alarm by your Belle Époque Espresso Machine?
  8. Does your Nest Aware™ show footage of your 19th Century Moroccan throw-pillows levitating?
  9. Do your thoroughbred Tibetan Mastiffs refuse to walk past your Nest Detect Sensor™ into the the conservatory where your stepfather passed away? 
  10. Do you feel like someone (or something) is keeping track of your monthly Co2 emissions?

Tally Your Score

0-2 Points: Chant a serenity prayer and scatter some Ayurvedic herbs on your limestone floor

3-5 Points: Replace your antique couch with teak lounge chairs (Wisteria) and a Turkish daybed

6-9 Points: Enlist your neighbor Ambrosia for support as you refresh your light fixtures (Restoration Hardware)

10 Points: Have you tried Nest Reset™, which will guide you through the 17-step troubleshooting process?

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