Mexican Bambi is an Assault on our Judeo-Christian Tradition

As Published by Points in Case Listen, I get it. We don’t want to offend anybody, especially in a hypersensitive political environment like this corner booth at Applebee’s. Which is why I kept my mouth shut about Disney’s recent decision to cast a black actress as the Little Mermaid. I

Quiz: Is Your Nest Malfunctioning or is Your Brentwood Mansion Haunted?

As Published by Points in Case For every “Yes” answer, add one point to your total Does your Nest Hello™ doorbell ring even though your ivy-covered entryway is vacant? Do you wake suddenly on your Duxiana mattress to unexpected temperature changes by your Nest Learning Thermostat™? Do you feel like

It’s Called, Venezuela

 “It’s called Venezuela.” – Michael Bloomberg’s criticism in response to Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s proposed wealth tax plan In light of the increasingly crowded field of Democratic Presidential Candidates, I’ve decided to announce that I am seriously considering a bid for the White House. Even though I’m still just mulling it

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